Mr. Williams Owien
HR Director

Welcome to Mikes Oil & Gas Company, where innovation and excellence create a platform for opportunity and growth. Come realize your full potential here.

Our success depends on our people. Effectively engaging, developing, retaining and rewarding our employees is a priority for us.

“The diverse people of Mikes Oil & Gas Company have always been the heart of our company and we recognize that attracting and developing a world-class workforce is a competitive imperative within our changing industry.”

Today’s energy industry faces two key challenges: attracting a skilled work force that is equipped to do business globally and providing a work environment that attracts, develops and retains high-performing employees.

The continued success of Mikes Oil & Gas Company centers on ensuring that we have a strong global workforce that can contribute the 

right skills, in the right places, to achieve our strategic objectives. As many experienced professionals approach retirement age, we are faced with the challenges – and opportunities – of attracting new talent to our organization.

All newly hired employees, at all levels of experience, are provided with training and development programs designed to optimize their career at Mikes Oil & Gas Company. Our goal is to attract top-performing candidates into a supportive growth environment and to retain these individuals with challenging and satisfying work that meets their goals and exceeds their expectations.

You can realize unlimited growth potential at Mikes Oil & Gas Company. Our innovative culture emphasizes continued personal and professional development that enriches your talent, stretches your horizon and moves you forward with your career. These programs vary across our worldwide locations.

Mr. David P.A
Director of Consultancy

Mr. David P.A has been a consultant for U.S government and public sector contracts, before recently being appointed Director of Consultancy. Previously a Lecturer at Texas A&M 


University, Mr. David P.A brings a wealth of experience in leadership, social enterprise research, public service transformation, alternative models of delivery and stakeholder engagement.